Young Einstein

Junaidi Khab

Junaidi Khab

Spring 1905 Tasmania. A remote island off the southern coast of Australia. The movie entitled “Young Einstein” is a movie about the life of Albert Einstein in his young period of age. This movie, besides as a serious movie, it is funny movie too. The movie, Young Einstein, was begun by the life of Albert Einstein when he began to think and find about the existence of the universe. His family has apple garden, in center of the forest. Besides he enjoyed the apple garden, he always listened to the music. His mother like cooking and his father is a farmer of apple.

One day, when Albert Einstein asleep in his apple garden, a red apple fall down on his head. He suddenly woke up. He always tried many simple experiments, like riding and make his body threw to the air. And then, from this genesis he found the relativity theory. In this time, he find a new music, electric guitar, his father praised him and he said that Albert is a scientist. Before he went to sleep, his father asked to join to a warehouse tomorrow morning.

In the morning, he went to the warehouse and his father. There he looked a beer, he asked to drink till two glasses of beer. This is the beer without bubbles, as his father complained. Then Albert suggested his father to enter the bubble to the beer. Yeah, his father agreed. But he asked Albert to do it. All of his night, he used to try entering bubble to the beer. Till, in the early of the morning, his warehouse blew out by very big fire. Then he find the theory of splitting the beer atom by formula E=mc2.

By his discovery in the field of science, his father asked him to go to the government of science in the land. Then, Albert went to left Tasmania island, for long time to develop his theory. On the way in the train, he met with Marie Curie a physicist from Paris and Preston a worker in the office of science. Albert began to know each other, except Preston. He was fear of lizard brought by Albert Einstein.

After he arrived in the Patent Office of Sidney, there he showed and offered his formula on the worn-out paper to the worker, but his formula rejected because no data or documents as its strength. By his mad, he said that the data there are on his mind, it was failed. Then he went to look for the cheap hotel. Yeah, he found it, very cheap, but the room was very dirty. There, in the hotel, Albert Einstein made an electric guitar by collecting any instruments from something that on his mind useful to arrange it.

In one meeting, Marie asked Preston to help Albert to develop his formula. He knew that the formula had smart significant in field of science, but he pretended in believe of it. So, Albert registered it to a one of patent office, and actually the office was where Preston went to work. When he showed the formula, the worker did not accept it. He said that his formula was no significant. He just asked Albert to left to guard. Then, Preston stole Albert’s formula and made collaboration by a company to develop it and then make an atomic boom.

In Academy Science Award, Preston showed the result of Albert’s formula stole from the office. The audiences ran any way when they know that Preston made an atomic boom. Albert hardly fired by Preston when he tried to suck the energy of the atomic boom using his electric guitar. But Marie suddenly come close to Preston and hit him by the glass of Science Award. The effort done by Albert Einstein successfully, and then he got the glass of Academy Award of Science. In this time, Preston as thieve of Albert’s formula brought in to the prison by police.

In the last of this movie, Albert Einstein went home by effort of his formula to split the beer atom. He was welcomed warmly in place of his birth by people there. His mother and his father were very happy. He introduced Marie Curie to his parents. He told that Marie was his darling. By Albert Einstein’s formula in scientist, his family will be rich people. Albert Einstein celebrated his success by hold concert in his house with his family, neighbor, and people of Tasmania island using his electric guitar. All was happy, and all danced. The End.

Quoted from movie “Young Einstein” Number 1392/VCD/9.2004/1999

Surabaya, 4 Juni 2015


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