Response Paper of Poetry “Negro and I, Too”

Negro and I, Too

When I red both of these peom, I found a background about the situation of the poems. First, the background is in one the place someone said that he is a slave. He always did what should he do. For example, he brushed boot of Washington, made pyramids and some jobs as a slave. What a pity he is in his era! A slave became a useless person.

From this poetry (Negro) I can get some interpretation about it. The poem shoId us that by slave the development, civilization, and culture Ire built. The slave had good service for our civilization although indirectly he is very contemptible in front of elite. Besides it, he is very useful for us. No slave in the past, as is no civilization in future. And a characteristic of someone can identify the identity the original identity like in the poem the writer wrote “Black as the night is black”, and the last lyric “Black like the depths of my Africa”. From these two lyrics I know where is the Negro as a Africa and where is the European as a people who have white skin that always order the others (black skin/Africa).

But when I read the poem entitled “I, Too”. I found different background of the two poems. In this poem the background shoId about the life of American elite (upper class). I thought, the two poems have opposite meaning and feeling of the writer. But in this poem more focus for the life of American elite. In fact, it was just an imagination of the writer. But it ever happened like in the history of American and African life.

Of course, every one want to live in prosperous life. All of life menu is luxirous and get some praises from the others. It is absolutly become a desire of human mayority in this life. But, although I can live in prosperous and anything I can got it, I must in aware condition not to forget the others as a human that have same rigths with us.

I thought, these both poems give us a degree of human life betIen the slave and the free. The free must give an attention for the slave or the Iak people in economic, education, politic, and another nation problems of our life. Because the free will not know what is the directon of life if they do not feel affection from the slave or low upper services.

As a free, I can not live without the slave services. Bacause, the life is like chain. It always circles every times. Sometimes I in the ground, but sometime I are on the upon of the chain. So, I must aware it. As a human I must give attention each others, no slave I are free and must be a credible peopel in doing somthing.



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